Without any concession to sentimentalism, MÔA, with a certain bit of humor and drama, hurls these birds that fade away, complete themselves, are given over in holocaust, arise in a circus allegory, and are metamorphosed into a mature concept of existential delation.
Walmir Aiala
 (Art Critic)
Be it a gesture of love or a covered intention, everything occurs with great silence.
Harry Laus
(Art Critic)
The conducting link that passes through all of the phases is a sensitive, sensual search, expressed by figures, that is full of love toward art and nature.
Nadja de Carvalho Lamas
(Critic and researcher of visual arts)
What characterizes MÔA's work is generosity; generosity on the theme and on handling the work-of-art.
Júlio Luis Gehlen
(Designer and literary translator)
Môa leaves us at the edge of a painful abyss, which is the voracity of the hours that escape with no pity. His birds really do fly away and leave nostalgia of the flight in those that look on.
Fernando Karl
(Poet and journalist)
Môa holds in his production the roots and influences of the entire history of traditional art (from historical European matrixes) meshed with color, with heat, and with a strong body language characteristic of Latin American art.
Gleber Pieniz
(Journalist and finishing a Master in Visual Arts)
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