Espirais do Tempo
         Spirals of Time- Beginning is Môa's answer to the challenge of visually dialoguing with one's environs and poetically exciting the audience's senses.
         The six-part panel invites people to think about, especially, the extent of polarizations and antagonisms. For instance, it draws our attention to the completeness and the contrast between male and female forces, the creating poles of life and of a time that is biological and individually perceptible. It inspires each person to reclaim their own personal history and inevitable share in the spirals of collective life. Finally, albeit not exhausting its potential meanings, it shows time as a fragment or passage with no beginning or end: here the spiral is the fetus for life generation and conception but it is also a sign of maturity and transcendence.
Gleber Pieniz
Journalist, finishing a Master's in Visual Arts
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