Tudo Passará e Frestas do Tempo
         For Môa, the birds symbolize time and are records of fragments. He handles form and color with the sensitiveness and devotion of one who seeks the truth without any commitment to fashion—or to being avant-garde. However, a careful look at each one of the works-of-art reveals outstanding artistic expressions of contemporary art: repetition and parallelism. Repetition and parallelism of birds in full flight—an invitation to dive in, to try to cross the thick curtain and so discover the subtle differences. Repetitions that differentiate themselves and that make each instant in time unique. They are Slits in Time—slits that plan the continual and infinite going of the birds, which conceal and reveal themselves in the dance of the nuances of tones, in the lightness of the veilings present in the established poetical work-of-art. The direction indicates the existence of an implicit constructive order from the apparent disorder of movement, whose rhythm sometimes is broken in form or in color, so as to demand a thought, a reflection. Here, the birds transpose the human dimension of time in as much as each work-of-art is a reference to the unconditional sequence of each instant, each moment.
Nadja de Carvalho Lamas
ABCA Member
Brazilian Association of Art Critics
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